Finally its Friday~ A Horse Story

On a sunny Saturday morning the day before Mothers day, my wonderful husband says hey, want to go to a horse sale today? why yes! I replied.

We are kind of horse shopping. I have an 8 year old saving up his money to buy himself a horse. Not sure why since he seems to have stolen the best horse on the place to ride, MINE.   I am the one who needs a horse I can ride, since I can only ride my favorite horse Duke when the kids are not home. There are some great deals to be found on horses right now, if you are in the right place at the right time.

We have been trying to go to this sale for the last 4 years, but never seem to make it.  today was the day.  the people having the production sale have a good reputation for quality papered horses.

I perused the catalogue online and  there were some unpapered kid friendly horses for sale. Interesting. lets check those out.  off to the sale we went.   We did take our trailer, felt like a good day to buy a horse.

While my husband and six year old son went to get the bidding number, my eight year old and myself went to check out the horses. as we came around a pen we almost ran into a pretty black horse with a white stripe down his nose. he was waiting very patiently while his rider chatted with a sale-goer. oooh pretty and he is so quiet I thought. we made note of his lot # in the sale. #27. my favourite number. He is so fancy, probably over my budget.

When my husband returned and I looked at the catalogue, I saw his name is Finally its Friday. good name, and he is papered and has great ancestors. he belonged to the people having the sale, they are getting out of the horse business and this was their final horse sale.   glad we came.  I am still thinking that he will be out of my budget, but I will keep an eye on him.

Meanwhile we checked out the kids horses. some very nice paint coloured horses. they were very gentle and a definite possibilities.  not exactly what we look for in a horse,  I rode one and plow reining is not that comfortable, I really prefer a neck reining horse, but as a kids horse they would work very well.

The sale started. at auction sales I always make my husband bid. His dad is an auctioneer so he can easily follow the rapid speak of the sale. Me, not so much. He bids and I nudge. That is our usual deal.  I have been known to bid against myself when I am in charge of the bidding, I get too caught up and excited.  I am far from a calm,  discreet bidder.

One of the kids horses was lot #2. holy hay crops he was bid upon and sold so fast that I could barely keep up. He was over our budget before we even had a chance to bid. no worries. that means he is not to be our horse.

Then a very fancy black horse came in that was put in the sale by the owners of the place who are getting out of the horse business. gorgeous and….what? he went for less money than the unpapered kids horse. really? Hmmmm……I am thinking. this horse that just sold is more in line for myself or my husbands type of horse.  young, ride-able with training left to do, great possibilities and good breeding.  My husband perked up now too.  He was thinking he should have bid on and perhaps bought that horse.  More gorgeous very well trained horses came through.  a lot of them were in our budget.

The possibilities were stirring. perhaps it was not a kids horse to be purchased at this sale but a mommy horse. after all it was Mothers day the very next day. hmmm…..

The next kids horse we had our eye on was lot #22. he came in and was sold for double my budget before I even had a chance to follow the quick talking of the auctioneer. ok then. Not to be our horse.

I said to my husband….ummm….by the way, I am not against buying a horse for one of us to ride instead of the kids. like lot #27.  Just sayin’

When it was lot #24’s turn, lot 27 strolled into the ring, before the rider/owner realized he was the wrong number.  I got to watch at how calm Friday acted in the ring and being backed out of the ring, complete with beeping noise from his humerous, soon not to be,  owner.  I knew that this horse was very possibly to be mine.

Lot #24 sold, then #25, then #26and then….. , it was lot #27. Friday was in the sales ring. I had been watching him. He waited so patiently and was calm. I liked him a lot.

The banter to sell him started. no one was bidding.  he was well below my budget.  I was giving my husband “the look”  to get on the bidding!.  The guy whose job it is to watch for bidders and let the auctioneer know was not looking our way.   I had to get his attention!  I did and I  jumped in to the bidding, and he finally saw Brent too. pretty sure the first bids were us against each other.  Ooops!  the bidding went nice and slow. I was nodding yes as the price got higher and higher.

Until, I was at my budget. I started praying to the horsey Angels.  ” if Friday is to be mine, the bidding has to stop here,  If Friday is to be mine the bidding has to stop here.”  as those words rapidly went through my mind. I heard “SOLD” and he was mine!   WAHOOO!! I did the happy dance as I gave them my bidding number.  again, not a discreet auction sale goer.

The boys and I went and petted our new horse and we are thrilled with Friday.   he is a very sweet ride.

I love how being open to the possibilities and paying attention created the situation in which we bought a different type of horse than we thought we would or could afford.  According to my horsey pals, Friday has excellent parents and  grand parents and we will be very happy with him. I manifested myself this horse, and I am very happy about that.



want to know how he got his name?   His mom is Brenda’s, the owner of the ranch,  favourite mare, and they wanted her to have a baby and waited and waited and waited for her finally to get pregnant and then the baby was born on a Friday.  so the name Finally its Friday.    I look forward to all the adventures Friday and I will have.


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  1. Jody

    This cracked me right up. This is a Kiw-winky-dink………We went to gynkhana, Mathew & I, we both rode my horse. But when gymhana was all done we went for a scenic drive and we came home with a pony.
    Happy Mother’s day to us for sure. We both made our families & ourselves incredibly happy with a new pet. Hope Finally Friday works out for you. Our pony’s name is Hi-hoe-Silver. LOL Catch a hug!

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