Soul Message

What does your soul wish you to know?

Do you acknowledge and trust the whispers from your soul? 

Do you want to be more intuitive?

Do you know how to trust your Intuitive Messages? 

Soul Message Session:

20 minute conversation for me to read your Soul Energy and create the connection.

A two card Oracle reading answering what your soul wants you to know 

 and the action your soul is guiding you to take

audio recorded and sent to you with any extra intuitive insights

Special Energy Clearing to release blocks to your Inner Wisdom Connection.


add on: 

One on One Personalized Guided Meditation to Connect You to Your Inner Wisdom via phone or Zoom.  


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Are you ready to connect   and receive a message from your soul?

Price is in Canadian Funds. Check exchange rate for your country. You may get a deal.

Session Choices
E-Transfer. Call or message for details Square payments are also available