Who are you? Do you know your purpose?

What is Your Life Purpose?

Our Purpose in LIFE is to figure out WHO we are,
WHAT our gifts are and find a way to SHARE them with the WORLD.

I can help you do this. I believe we all have a voice inside (our intuition or instinct) telling us the story of who we are and our own power. The ego voice that wishes to protect us is louder and demands more attention than our voice inside.

Would you like to develop your intuition and become more aware and realize more possibilities and choices in your life? I am skilled at reading and understanding energies to create awareness and changes for my clients.

Would you like to have a better understanding of yourself and why you make the CHOICES that you make?

Would you like to be able to understand
and trust your INNER GUIDANCE and messages?

Soul Sessions

Soul Sessions

You bring your questions and concerns and I will tune in to get you the Guidance you are seeking.

Guided Imagery Healing

Guided Imagery

Are you intrigued by Meditation? Guided Meditations are an excellent way to get into a meditation practice.



Healing and understanding your Inner Child Wounds with a Guided Meditation.

Energy Reset Magic

Energy Magic

A powerful experience to clear, reset and balance you to feel good about yourself and your life.

The Psychic Cowgirl

See your Life From a Divine Perspective

EMPOWER yourself to tune into your own unique guidance system

IMAGINE and CREATE a fresh and REWARDING path!

Magic happens, manifesting happens, amazing opportunities happen, and there are no limits! Each morning I wake up excited and empowered to live my life. I have a working cattle ranch, an amazing husband, and two cowboy sons. We run successful businesses that suit our lifestyles and fulfill our souls.

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Shannon, you provided me such a soothing and comforting environment in which I felt a calm serenity from within. Your words of love, insight and wisdom encouraged me to feel the beauty and personal empowerment that I have within me. I loved having a session with you!
If you’re considering any of Shannon’s services, all I can say is this, The Psychic Cowgirl lassoed me in, hook, line and sinker, and it would be a disservice not to experience her gifts for yourself.