Success Stories

Insight and Perspective

If you're considering any of Shannon's services, all I can say is this: The psychic cowgirl lassoed me in, hook, line and sinker, and it would be a disservice not to experience her gifts for yourself. From the moment we spoke, I instantly felt happy and at ease, as if I were speaking to an old friend. I don't think I've ever laughed with someone so much the way we did in our first conversation! Shannon's gift for tapping into your energy is seamless. Her ability to provide insight and perspective that is both relatable and easy to understand resonated with me both mentally and spiritually. She provided many nuggets of wisdom, as I like to call them, that left me feeling empowered and confident. It's as if I'd put on a set of spiritual armor after we talked, and I felt ready to conquer the world! Most of all, I felt like Shannon was my ally in this reading. We went on a bit of a spiritual roller coaster in one session, and she helped navigate me every step of the way. In my experience, a psychic reading can sometimes feel like getting a partial roadmap for the future. While I've experienced many instances in which those cosmic "road signs" would appear, I always felt like I missed an exit or made a wrong turn, so to speak, constantly wondering if I lost the map completely. Instead, my experience with Shannon felt like she gave me a compass for the road map within me and gave me guidance on how to read it. It's an experience I'll never forget, and I can't wait for next time!

Calm Serenity 

Shannon, you provided me such a soothing and comforting environment in which I felt a calm serenity from within. Your words of love, insight and wisdom encouraged me to feel the beauty and personal empowerment that I have within me. I loved having a session with you!

Shannon is one of the most amazing women I know!

Over the years Shannon has shared many of my life's adventures. She has helped me through Death, Divorce, Motherhood, Relationships,Childhood, my past and my present. There isn’t words to describe the comfort and understanding she has provided me through her insight & wisdom. Shannon has helped me put “LIFE” back into my life! Thank you for sharing your gift of light & love with those of us in need of healing.

Shannon helped me ease my anxiety and showed me how to quiet my mind.

Have you ever had a Past Life Regression (PLR)? Amazing stuff! I had one a month or so ago and am STILL trying to process it all. My amazing friend, Shannon, did the session over the phone and taped it so I could listen back at my convenience. Honestly? I haven’t listened to it yet. I am just not ready, I guess. I remember most of the details from it, but I think actually listening to it is still a bit deeper than I’m willing to dive just yet. (Ha! I just got my own ‘dive’ joke. You’ll understand as you read on…) 🙂 As a dear friend of mine would say… “grab a pillow for your butt.” I’ve never had a PLR before this one, so I wasn’t sure what to expect and had a little anxiety about it. Shannon picked up on this, and chatted with me a bit prior to help ease the anxiety. She explained to me what regression and hypnosis was like. I learned that it wasn’t much different than a guided meditation, except that I would go deeper under. Simple enough, right? ~On a side note (there may be many “side notes” to this one…), I used to always think about how I didn’t think I could quiet my mind enough to meditate. And now, I realize how easily I go into a meditative state. I love learning and realizing things like this. ~
Virginia Blank

Shannon has a way of making it all make sense.

I just want to say that you have helped me in so many ways – not always knowing why the thoughts are in my head or things are happening you have always been able to assure me that the angels are guiding me the way they are suppose to. Kimberly has come up so many times in our talks and not really understanding the why there or what that meant I now know, living only 20 min away from there it is all making sense now. So often you have helped me to stay on my path and focused and I am so very grateful and now know that our paths were meant to cross. You just have a way of making it all make sense. Thank you and be sure that you can bet that I am going to be finding dimes all over the place in the next few days!!! Thanks Shannon!!! Big Hugs,

Shannon's readings and the healing she provided were fabulous.

Shannon is absolutely awesome. I highly recommend an appointment. I work best with people who are straight forward and get to the dirt of an issue even when I want to skirt around them, and she did that for me. Her readings were bang on, and the healing she provided were totally fabulous I was on a high for over a week. The best part for me was when she corrected a thinking pattern it stayed corrected. I was amazed and impressed by the number of issues we could cover in that short hour and how amazing i would feel afterwards. I continue to recommend her to anyone I think could possibly need any of her services. Thank you Shannon

Shannon's session brought out my true self - and helped me rejuvenate.

My name is Jodi Fournier and I had the pleasure of meeting Shannon a couple years ago. It was in a time where I was confused, and struggling with life in general….or was I? The session with Shannon brought out a part of me I didn’t think possible. I think we always know what we want deep inside but when I seen Shannon everything and anything came out. I was really put to the test as a person and my true self was exposed. It was very emotional and very real and unlike everything I have ever encountered. The session brought out everything it needed to, for me to see clearly and see that the decisions I was thinking about making were actually the right ones, I just needed to hear it out loud. The session helped me focus, think clear, and rejuvenate myself. I thank god that I went and seen her when I did because it helped me spiritually and emotionally and I owe her a big thanks for that. Definitely recommend a session with her at least once! The experience was unforgettable.
Jodi Fournier

Clarity and Enlightenment

I had a session with Shannon in hopes of gaining clarity on the right path/action for me to take in my career path. I was more than thrilled with the results that I got! I got complete clarity for the path I needed to take, I received emotional healing for some long standing issues of mine, and I got some really cool enlightenment about a past life. What more could I have asked for? hugs,

Shannon has changed my life in many ways!

I first like to say that my sessions with you have been amazing, uplifting and productive. My very first session was on “Anxiety” I had been to my family Doctor repeatedly looking for a way to help me cope with different issues in my life at home and at work. I was put on medication that altered my thinking and my ability to do simple daily tasks at work. This was not my answer. So I called my dearest friend Shannon to see is she could help me out. Our session lasted a couple hours, and before we were done I was already feeling the positive effects that had been transformed. I had a huge issue with “SAFETY” at work and was having repetitive panic attacks in which left me sleepless and exhausted at nights. This became a ripple effect in every part of my life. We then discovered we were only skimming the top of my issues and got more in-depth with our session. You have worked wonders to help me overcome this and to this day I DO NOT have anxiety or panic attacks. You taught me simple things that I can do at home/work by myself that help me attract positive energies. Sometimes when I am just chatting with you online you can read energy vibes from me. We once had a session where I was feeling rather distraught by the loss of an old friend and you asked me if I wanted you to try to connect with her. So we did and I had the opportunity to talk to her and ask her questions that I had. Sometimes a person wonders how this can possibly take place or be true so I tried to find or ask things only my deceased friend and I would know. And this reassured me that it was her that I was communicating with. I think we were both astonished at what was happening. We often only see this on TV shows or just hear about it, but to be able to do this is truly an Amazing Gift. You Shannon have changed my life in many ways and I would like to Thank you once again!! Life is a journey and I am glad you were on my path dear friend!! ((HUGS))
Debbie Hebert