My laughter story begins with inviting a laughing yoga lady to come to a Mindful group I facilitate. We were entranced and delighted with her presentation and booked an entire session with her immediately. I personally liked how it shifted my energy. 

I was dealing with some hefty emotional challenges in my life. That first experience shifted my energy so much in a positive way that I immediately signed up for training with Dr. Kataria, the founder of this phenomenal laughter yoga. I was looking for something to reconnect me with joy and that I could also help others reconnect with theirs. 

Laughter yoga is doing that. 

Very Good, Very Good, YAY!! 

I am feeling more like my sparkly, joyful self.

 And I want to share that energy of connection and joy.

 I am a Certified Leader.

Lets do a laughter gathering. A shindig perhaps.

 You will connect, laugh and shift your energies, which will lead you to releasing anxiety and being more intuitive and joyful. 

Contact me to discuss: 

Laughter Yoga Benefits 

Certified Leader