Selenite Crystal for Sleep Challenges

I was speaking with a client and she shared that she was having crazy dreams that were so busy that she was waking up tired.   

She was also waking up several times in the night and that was making her feel even more unrested.

I advised her that she was working through a lot of issues in her dreamtime, and if she wanted a night off  to get a better rest put a selenite in her hand or in her pillowcase.

 Selenite clears energy.  selenite

She put  the selenite crystal in her pillowcase and magic happened.   She has a fitbit and when she checked her sleeping patterns after having the selenite close by she found that she slept through the night instead of waking up a couple of times.  She had a restful night and that always makes our daytime much better!  How fabulous is that!

I love it when science validates magic energies!

Selenite can be used to detach entities from the aura and  aids in seeing the deeper picture.  A selenite lamp in your home will ensure a peaceful atmosphere. I often wake up with my selenite in my hand, or other crystals that are in my pillow case. While sleeping I often grab them to maximize their healing energies, our subconscious knows what we need.   

What Crystals do I have in my pillow case?  Selenite, Amethyst,  Black Tourmaline, Snow Quartz and Rose Quartz.