Full Moon tonight!

It is a blue moon tonight.  The second full moon in August and it is a super charged moon, full of the energy of possibilities. Creating those intentions and releasing them to the universe tonight will create big big big energies and results. Dream BIG my friends.

Write those intentions on a piece of paper and release them to the universe by burning or burying in the earth.

Another option is the plate manifestation from Lorraine Roe.

So what are your big dreams? One of mine was to be a spiritual based Minister and as I prepare to officiate a wedding tomorrow I get to revel in the deliciousness of that intention realized.  I am thoroughly enjoying being Reverend Shannon and I do have big plans with that energy.  I will be writing them out today before I head to the rehearsal for the wonderful wedding tomorrow.

Let go of any limitations and release the need to know  “how will it happen.”  Take a leap of faith and dream bigger, let your imagination fly.   Today is the day to go for it. Set your intentions and put the Universe to work for you. If not now, then when?

Happy Manifesting Friends.


Reverend Shannon