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Remember when the phone ringing was exciting and everyone raced to answer it. It meant that you got to chat with a friend or answer someones questions or catch up with a relative, or best yet, Grandma planning a visit. Wahoo!!

Doesn’t it feel great to get those types of calls? It energetically lifts you up and creates smiles. What about  when the phone rings and when you check the caller ID and you see an unfamiliar long distance number or a 1-800 number and your energy gets heavy. A %*$&@ tele marketer, or better yet, you have won a prize press 1, and we will steal your phone line to make numerous long distance calls. Thanks!!

Yet you still answer because there is that tiny bit of hope that it is not one of those calls.

The phone ringing can be not so much an energy of excitement as an energy of being on guard. I am thankful for caller ID. But when did it become OK for this to happen, for someone to use the telephone to call and violate our space uninvited with sales calls or scams?  What does that say about our society?

It seems we have to energetically be on guard and always in a state of awareness because someone is trying to access us to steal our power or make us feel less than if we do not have a certain product or service.

I am registered with all our phone numbers on the do not call service, now I get calls from Montana, Nebraska, Wyoming.  I do have friends in Montana, and family in Nebraska so I get a bit excited when I see the number, hoping it is someone fun on the call. Then the deflating let down of a computer automated telemarketer or scam call. Lately they have been about credit cards, probably hoping to prey on the vulnerability of people in a recession. Why is this ok? It is a violation of our energy.

There is a gift in this though. We are all way more intuitive that we may realize. Here is a tool.  Pay attention to your energetic reactions~ how your body feels, the next time you answer the phone and it is one of those calls. You are hopeful at first, then that frustrated let down feeling when you realize it is not a real person who called to tell you something exciting or to chat because they think you are fabulous. It is someone trying to convince you of something or steal something. Once you do know that energetically your guard goes way up. Once you hear that pause of an automated computer, or a voice trying to say your name, as if they actually know how. Pay attention to that feeling.  Notice what you notice.

Also, pay attention to your energy when it is someone you truly like, how does that feel in your body? Pay attention to how it feels when it is someone you are supposed to like but really do not.  Feels heavier doesn’t  it.

That is the whole trick to living intuitively, notice what you notice and paying attention to the energies in your body. Your Chakras are filtering information constantly. Intuition is an energy and the more you practice, the better you get at it.

Now, once you are aware of those energies, apply them to other areas of your life. When you meet someone, when you are offered a job, when you are wondering if a relationship in your lie is healthy or toxic. You will feel the answer. Now that you know how.

Once you understand that there is an energetic alert system that you can tap into, you will use it constantly.  You can understand why it is important to say NO to those people or situations that drain your energies.  You need your energies for things that lift you up, and well for basic survival too. When your energies are drained or low due to using up too much in less than healthy situations it is easy to get sucked in or say yes when you really want to say no.

Practising will make tapping into your intuitive energies as easy as smiling. Trust yourself.




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  1. Kat

    Love this post Shannon. I have always been good at reading vibes and distancing myself from people that are not good for me. If I don’t like to be around someone, I usually find out why eventually.

    1. Shannon Laackmann

      Thanks Kat for your comment.
      Good for you that you are able to distance yourself from those people that are not so good in your energy. so many people do not know that they can do that. you are being a wonderful example.


  2. Susan

    Hi Shannon, I really enjoyed this post. Just finished a two-day work shop, with horses and practioner. She was helping us tap in to our intuitive voice that we all have. So, when I opened your blog. I was so excited to see the exact same words. I had gone to a work shop two weeks ago that left me feeling drained and upset and financially ripped off. I did not listen to that little alarm system that said,” no do not go there”. Thank you Shannon for always empowering with your blogs and horse wisdom!

    1. Shannon Laackmann

      hi Susan

      thanks for commenting. your horse and practitioner workshop sounds amazing. with the other workshop, I have done the same thing. sometimes we have to learn the hard way to listen to our intuition. the gift from you to you is that now you are aware. priceless.


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