Being an Introvert

I am an introvert. There I said it.

I have struggled with this. add alcohol and I am pretty extroverted, although maybe in more of a show offy sassy drunk kind of way, but extroverted none the less. Unfortunately that feeling when you wake up the next morning and wonder ~ holy hay crops did I really do that ~ prevents me from indulging very often.

I can be in crowds, I can talk to people. I prefer not too. I can be easily overwhelmed by the energies of a crowd, especially with people who have big personalities. Bless them. They make it easier for people like me to blend into the background. Having a business while being an introvert is a challenge. I take on this challenge by doing things in baby steps. I am not a total introvert,  my % on the quiz was only 44% introverted. Some of it comes from being able to feel energies and not wanting to. On the quiz I am 62 % feeling. I have learned to block other energies really well, so it is easier. still prefer not too.

I just signed up to teach a meditation class. I am very excited, although as the time gets closer I will freak out and be very happy that I have the breath mediation to do to calm myself. Hahaha great story to share in the class too. I get the most anxious thinking about being in a group or crowd. Freaks me out. I recently went to a tweet up, which is a gathering of people who have met on twitter. We all went to meet Erica Ehm from the yummy mummy club,  join it if you have not;  it is a rocking website. The gathering was small. Wahoo for me. Sorry to Erica and Tamara that my incredible magic interfered with the gathering of a large crowd. I did take a friend, I have learned that doing that keeps me accountable, there was no way I could back out and have her smack me (she is a huge Erica Ehm fan from Erica’s much music days). It also helps me be braver because I know someone has my back. A tool I have learned to cope with introversion.

Being introverted has its up side. It is easy to say no to being an organizer of anything. I know that I cannot handle it and am not willing to put myself through it. I have tried and it is too stressful.  I also have a great connection to Mother Earth, probably why I am a natural at channelling her. I love being outside, alone or with my horses or cows. So peaceful. Notice I did not say bulls, and you know why. while embracing my introversion I have gotten to know me, that is cool. Having the internet has made running a business while being introverted way easier. I get to choose when I am able to interact and when it is too much for me. Yipee!

After all the years I spent struggling against being an introvert, I am now able to embrace it and be good with it, use it to my advantage.

lots of hugs

Shannon the introvert/hermit.