Intuitive Connections, Embrace Who You Are

I get asked a lot about being Intuitive. When did I know?

I find that I do not know exactly what to say. I have always been psychic, as long as I can remember. So, I went perusing websites to see other stories of psychics, intuitives and healers.

Interesting stories. They all had a common theme whether they were psychic all their lives, or came into their gifts later. They had a moment when they realized that the way they were living their life was not working for them anymore.

Wayne Dyer calls it a quantum moment. that moment when you decide to acknowledge that you have had enough living your life with ego based decisions and start on the path of recognizing who you really are and your connection to the Divine. His moment happened in the middle of the night when he awoke and had some intense moments of clarity.

I call it a miracle. you experience your own miracle of acknowledging the miracle of you. I had a moment like that. Some moments are more dramatic as in near death~ apparently they needed a huge wake up. (and it makes a great marketing story) but.. it does not take a huge or dramatic miracle for you to accept who you are and to tap into your connection to the Universe.

We all have the ability to be intuitive. It is so much easier to live your life in this way. With it comes an inner peace and a feeling of never being alone and being loved that makes everyday a little bit magical. Tapping into your own power of intuition does not mean you have to open a business and start doing readings. That is optional. tapping into your intuition is just for you!! A gift for yourself! How sweet is that.

Another concern that has popped up for people is that they have a fear of what they will find out.  You do not have to know anything that makes you uncomfortable, you have control of what type of messages that you receive. It also does not mean that you HAVE to share every message that you get with someone else. only if you feel comfortable with it.

A lot of people are feeling that nudge to get in touch with who they really are, as we head towards 2012 and the changes that are already occurring with that. The way I understand it is we are all going to live a life more in tune with the Universe, and less ego driven. Wahoo~ bring it on.

You can see the changes coming, we are being forced to let go of our attachment to material things and the more, more, more philosophy. We are spending more time with our families and pursuing those things that really bring us Joy. We are all children of God and Goddess and can chose how we want to live in this lifetime. Living intuitively with a connection to the divine is awesome (my 3 yr olds favorite word right now) it does not take away the challenges of life, but it does make them easier to handle.

We have so much guidance that comes our way if we listen that it is actually awe inspiring. I urge you to let go of the fear of being who you are and embrace it. You will be glad that you did.

Hugs & happiness