Bone Collector

Daily Oracle Card ~ Bone Collector
“You are whole and have everything you need within.”
When the Bone Collector appears, she asks you to examine your circumstances closely to determine whether you’re fully present or reacting based on past conditioning and unconscious expectations.
Whenever we’re wounded, especially when we’re young, it’s as if something essential is stolen from us. We adapt and accept a particular version of the truth that then sets us up to behave a certain way in the future when faced with a situation that reminds us of the original event. What we know about ourselves thus becomes influenced by a perception of limitation.
You may feel unworthy or lacking courage, see yourself as flawed or unlovable, or expect to be criticized.
No matter what your question, the Bone Collector reminds you that the truth is that you are a powerful being with limitless possibilities. She has kept safe what was stolen from you in the Bone Collector is your inner resource. Act as if you have what you need and you’ll find you have it after all. Anything is possible. With awareness, the wounds of the past need not define you. 💚 Enchanted Map Oracle Cards