Pandemic Ponderings

I made a choice to stay out of all the divisive chaos on social media. I chose to focus my energy elsewhere. I have had many conversations about it and supported friends and clients. Now, I am being nudged to share, so here we go. It is fitting that I write this on 09-09-2021. I became an ordained minister on this date 09-09-09 as well as earning my Bachelor degree in Metaphysics. This number is significant for me. Perhaps that is why I was woken up at 3:09 am and nudged to write this. I let a cat in and another one out at that time, so at least there was a practical aspect of being awake. I do believe in mixing the practical with the spiritual. Otherwise, it does not work or make sense to me.

 Practical Cosmic Wisdom to Support Your Spiritual Journey is my tagline for a reason. 

This pandemic has changed us. The transformation has happened whether we wanted it to or not. I have watched many people fall for the information that did not feel right energetically to me from the start that originated from the letter between P and R, which I will not name. Still, I will call it PB as in Propaganda Bullshit just for ease of reference. I watched with fascination and much concern. I stepped in and had conversations when asked and planted seeds of questions. What I did and still like about it is that people questioned. That is never a bad thing. What I did not like was the energy of malicious manipulation that was present. I had no facts to back me up yet, and the amount of disinformation from seemingly credible people drowned out my attempt to question the validity of it with some people.  Others I did have insightful conversations with and helped them with understanding the energy.  

The thing is, I can understand why it was easy to believe the propaganda; it was presented credibly. And people wanted to believe it was a hoax due to the inconvenience, and its reality is challenging. It is not a hoax. I did not buy into it being a hoax from the beginning, which did cause me to get yelled at, told to do my research, and condescendingly told I was a sheep.  I did a lot of eye rolling but I do get why it was believable.  At times people may only see what they want to see to fit their perspective and validate their point of view.  It did remind me of the time I lived in Montana and the Freeman group tried to recruit my then husband and myself near Lewistown.  They could not answer questions with facts or logic only repeat the propaganda.  Not at all convincing.  That all ended with a standoff with the FBI and jail time.

If you have ever been part of any fundraising groups, you are well aware that group dynamics can get heated very quickly as soon as money is involved. People have strong opinions on how money should be spent and often a plan that benefits mainly themselves. You know to what I am referring. So, to believe that globally this was a conspiracy to control does not fly with me. Having complete economic shutdowns cost countries so much money. Someone would crack and spill the truth or undermine others in the group to further their agenda. That is human nature. Global leaders are not known for their lack of ego and only wanting what is best for humanity. Power and money get in the way of that. It does not track that this is a global conspiracy.  Aliens doing it on the other hand… lets not go down that road. For now. LOL

Now it has been 18 months. I am counting from March 2020 when everything got shut down. PB was everywhere. It was a brilliant social media strategy. They were using specific hashtags to incite in a way that was impossible to refute. They got people on board to further their agenda who did not realize what they were doing. I wish they would use their power for the good of humanity instead of manipulation. The timing was perfect, and I am sure the people behind PB are even incredulous with the success of their disinformation and agenda. People still believe the PB, although less so. A lot of the people who snarled at me have changed their tune. I am thankful for that. 

 Several years ago, a group I was a part of ended up in a rabbit hole of a conspiracy theory that turned out to be false. It did cause much havoc in some peoples lives because it was credible, and they believed in it with their whole being. Dealing with the aftermath was harsh. Relationships ended, jobs were lost, and the shame, embarrassment and guilt caused much trauma. The entities putting out the conspiracy did it for money, and it worked for a time. It did crumble after statements made did not come to pass. It was only a few short months. A lot of the same energies, words and manipulations are present in the current PB. Perhaps that is what made it easy for me to not buy into it; I have heard it all before. 

Let’s talk about the vaccine. My family is all vaccinated. It was not an easy choice to make; we cannot help but be affected by all the discussions. I am fortunate that I have a lot of clients and friends all over the world. We had many conversations about it. Energetically there were only one of the choices I was comfortable with. Being a cattle rancher, I have used their products for years and years. We vaccinate our livestock regularly to prevent diseases. I also want to point out that this pandemic shut our whole planet down. That is a substantial financial hit for every country. A lot was riding on coming up with a vaccine. As a pharmacist friend shared months ago, this virus is not new, they learned about it in school years ago, but the strain affecting humans so harshly is new. There was already research on it, but more time, resources, energy and people focused on it due to the urgency of the world crisis.  

It has been some months since we were all vaccinated. I did not lose any of my psychic abilities; in fact, the opposite happened. We did not have any side effects other than tiredness and nightmares. I did do an energy clearing for side effects. ( I will do that for you if you wish) I do believe it is your choice whether you get it or not. You do You. I am still friends with people who are adamantly against it. I have no regrets about getting it; it was and is suitable for my family. As for the government offering incentives, could it be because the PB has infiltrated peoples thoughts so much that they are trying anything to reach them? I bribed my children to potty train when they did not want to due to the inconvenience……. Also, financially offering these incentives is a lot less expensive than the hospital costs for those in ICU. Just my thoughts. Again, you do you and make your own choice. I am also willing to accept any risk that may occur with the vaccines. I discussed all that with my family, and we made a choice together. One of my family members pointed out that the government would not want us to be dumb because then who would solve all their problems? Good Point! They need people to be intelligent, creative and innovative. 

I do feel it really sucks that there are sides, that the anger and righteousness are so prevalent. I do understand, though; we are in unprecedented times. The energy is challenging. People feel they have to justify their choices. I respect your choice, and I am asking that you respect mine. I did not write this to convince you to get vaccinated if you are not. ( although if you want a session with me, it may only be by phone.  🤣 Too soon for jokes?)   I wrote this to share my personal experience and offer support if you wish to have a conversation. I have created an intense affordable energy clearing package for those struggling with believing the PB and wish that they hadn’t. Contact me privately.  I also offer an intense energy clearing if the world chaos is getting you down. Send me a message.  

We have the privilege of choices, and with that the responsibility of the consequences of our choices.   Nothing in life is without risk, so you do what is right for you and move forward in a way that works for you. It is easy to let the world get you down and that is a waste of your precious energy and time.  Sending you all love, a blessing and go live your life on your terms.  Hugs! Shannon