Are you doing too much?

Ever feel stretched like a rubber band? Or like you are juggling too many things and not able to focus on one for too long because you get distracted by everything else on your to do list? Me too!

This is part of the transformation process for 2014.

We may be really good at a lot of things, but what are we excellent at? Where would we love to be able to focus our energy without distraction? Do you have obligations that used to feel fabulous but now feel annoying? Is it time to re organize your life and let some of those go?

The energy of downsizing, releasing obligations, letting go of things we may enjoy but do not have enough time to give our full attention to is huge right now.

This may be businesses, relationships, volunteer activities, or hobbies. I am in this process. I realized that I had not written a blog since the end of February. What??? How did that happen? I do feel time is faster than before, but seriously???

I have too many irons in the fire and it is time to release anything that feels like an obligation rather than a delight.

As most of you know my popular radio show on blogtalk is on every Tuesday morning. I research and do my best to bring you interesting topics with a metaphysical theme. I really enjoy doing it, yet it can take up a considerable amount of time.

I was pondering taking a hiatus from the show to focus on my family, ranch, clients, and a very busy wedding season. As I was pondering, an interesting thing happened.

My guest was having trouble connecting, so he could be ready for Tuesdays show. Then my son got sick. One of the big reasons I am my own boss is so that I can be flexible to work around my children’s needs. My other son was sick all weekend so I knew how this may go. In a word: gross. Because of my mommy commitments I had not had the time to focus on interview questions for my guest and doing the research necessary for a well-rounded informative show.

I was frazzled and realized, my question was answered. Thank you Universe! I canceled the show. If I cannot bring my A game, I am doing a disservice to my guest and myself. Instead of feeling excitement and delight, I was feeling obligation and irritation.

It is time for a hiatus from the one hour radio show format. I am downsizing in other areas too, I want time to enjoy this life I have worked so hard to create.

Is this happening to you? What can you let go of, even if it is only for a few months, to be able to focus on a goal or project that truly excites you. Or perhaps it is to spend time with family, lunch dates with girlfriends or creating something new. You may find that you do not miss whatever it was you let go of, or you may find that you do. Either way clarity happens, which is fantastic.

Are you taking the time to simply enjoy life? With our unpredictable weather it may be time to cut back on the to do’s so we can enjoy the sunshine the moment it happens in case it does not last long.