Writing a Soul Letter

Ever have something you really want to say to someone, but you are tongue tied or not brave enough to tell them how you really feel?

Or are you are having trouble finding a job or a partner? Or releasing and letting go of a person or situation?

Here is a tool to help you with that. It is a Soul Letter. (I have come across this letter from numerous sources, and I thank them all for sharing. not sure who originally came up with it, but a big thank you to them, it really works)

You write it, then burn it to release the energies for the Universe to take care of for you.

Letter format: Write this out to put all your energy into this exercise.

Dear Soul or Spirit or Energies (for people or  for situations)  of (name) , Date: __________

I have become aware of (describe your situation openly, including all your emotions, for as many paragraphs as you need, be blunt, be honest, use all the words you need, even if they are not polite in public.  Really let your emotions fly, be creative).

For these things that I am aware of and any I am not, I give my soul permission to (work with, release, eliminate, transmute, balance, harmonize, let go of,  etc.) the above described situation and emotions both consciously, unconsciously and subconsciously.

They have made their point.

I thank them for the experience. I’ve had enough – now go away. I forgive the experiences and I release them to the nothingness from which they came.

I forgive (name of person, situation or thing that you are releasing, if applicable). I release them to their highest good.

I forgive myself. I release myself to my highest good (freedom, fulfillment of inner dream, clarity, love, joy, expression, prosperity) with perfect compassion in harmony with the Universal Wisdom and hope.

Thank you. May this or something better happen for the highest good of all.

Sign Your Name

Burn your paper and bury the ashes in Mother Earth.  She will take care of it for you too.