Angels Leaving Dimes

A couple went to see a lawyer. they had never met this gentlemen before and searched to find  his office. They finally had success as they went down a back alley and up some stairs with a questionable railing in an older Victorian style house. they were wondering about the wisdom of this adventure.  They entered the office and were greeted by a clean cut gentleman in his 40’s who looked like he could handle their request.

As they sat in his office and detailed their story, they noticed that as he grabbed a pad of paper to make notes, he was scooping dimes into a drawer. this happened a few times. They thought to themselves. hmmm….maybe what they say about lawyers is true and he has kept every dime he has made.

Finally at the end of their consultation they asked about the dimes. The lawyer smiled and said, “Well I was told that dimes are my Angels way of saying hello to me. Now, I find dimes in all sorts of unusual places and often.”

The couple smiled and left, wondering  silently to themselves, about the lawyer that they had retained.

They were both silent as they walked to their car and when the husband opened the wife’s door to let her slide in she noticed a dime on the seat. She gasped and looked at her husband suspiciously. He was still holding the door handle though gazing into the street. Then she smiled and showed her husband. Since that time they find dimes a lot.

Now that you know this story, happy dime collecting.

Since I heard this story, I have found dimes in the washing machine (which proves Angels have a sense of humour) on the ground, and sitting on my desk. each time I come across one it makes my heart happy and I say thank you to my Angels. Enjoy finding dimes.



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  1. Karissa

    I love this. I have also read Pennies are a sign as well as white feathers. Thoughts?

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