Time as Ripples

Are any of you experiencing weird time ripples?

Feeling  as if the energy of time is different, feels more like a ripple and things happen and it is hard to tell whether they already happened, are going to happen or are happening right now. Like time is warped.

Have you went to do something and found that either you already did it and cannot remember. Or you go to do something and you kind of zone out for a second and you are not sure if you did it, are about to do it, or it is something you are doing in the future?  Feels like time is ripply and malleable  instead of static.  Or you go to do something and it is already done, but you are unsure of when.

It also does not feel like the same energy as being forgetful, it feels lighter than that, like the energy if time is different, and when you notice it you zone out trying to figure it out.  It also feels very in the flow.  That time is no longer a straight line, but curvy.

When I forget to do something the energy of that feels heavy, like oh rats, I knew I had to do that and I feel bad for forgetting. This feels lighter, like a time shift.

I did put forth this question on the psychic housewives group I belong to, to make sure I was not the only one and losing it.  (I always have to check. lol)   Whew!!  I am not the only one, quite a few of my pals are experiencing this weirdness.

I also find that when I am in that space of trying to remember if I did it already, or am about to do it, or it is to be done in the future, I feel day-dreamy.  The same energy as hypnosis or meditation, which feels so calm and peaceful, and I have to bring myself back to now.  To do that say your name out loud.

Are you also finding that you have to wear a watch to keep track of time, for your life schedule, because the energies of time and your awareness of it are shifted?

I do not wear a watch usually. They tend to quit on my wrist or not keep the right time.  But for the last few weeks I have been wearing one, because my understanding of time has shifted and I no longer have the same awareness of it.  My watch is loaded with peridot and fluorite to keep it in alignment with my energies and it works perfectly.  I now carry watches in my store for those of us that need watches with crystal magic to keep them working for us.

I do wonder if this time being malleable energy has to do with 11-11-11, and the full moon energy shifts, and all the other shifts going on with the asteroid being close to earth, I was so tired that day, and as we go into the new age Dec 21, 2012.

No, the world will not explode. We are simply entering a different Universal Energy. we are being introduced to it gradually. This does not happen every day, this awareness of time being ripply but often enough that I realized something was up.

I was having lunch with a friend and it happened to us. It was weird and validating.  She was not aware of it happening to her,  then it happened to us together. Thanks Universe for the validation. Sorry my friend if your world is a little weirder now. 🙂

So, my friends if the energies of time are acting a bit unusual for you, you are not being forgetful or losing your marbles, things are shifting and we are being introduced to new energies.

Don’t forget today is 11-11-11 and a full moon, so the next 3 days are full of magical manifesting energies.  As I was reminded by a friend, don’t forget the fine print and be very aware of what you are manifesting.

Very thankful today for those who fought and are fighting for our freedom.

I love you

Please forgive me

I am sorry

thank you




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  1. Barbara

    Wow! And I thought it was just menopause!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Nellie’s Mom

  2. Dawna

    LOL!! Barbara, I thought the same thing!!

  3. Shannon

    thanks for the replies and giggles ladies. I wondered that for myself too.

  4. Julie Lalonde

    LOL, Thanks Shannon, I’ll take the wierdness – it also validates that I am more in tune! 😀

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