Energy Waves

How are you doing? Are you feeling the waves of energies that are rushing through our existence?  Are you happily going about your day and suddenly you are snarly or fearful?  Is your monkey chatter busy?  Do you feel like you are going through several emotions during the course of your day and by evening you are exhausted?

You are not alone.  This is happening to everyone. ( even my animals are feeling these energies and reacting, sometimes in odd ways. Becoming aware of the energy waves and having tools to navigate them do make a difference.  Without the tools or awareness havoc and chaos can be experienced.

Take a lot of big breaths, zip your chakras and ground your energy. 

Big Breaths – on the in breath say calm, on your out breath say your first name.

Zip your chakras – start at your pelvis ( root chakra) and zip up over your head (crown chakra)  as if you are zipping up your jacket.

Ground your energy – visualize or imagine thick roots extending from the bottom of your feet, deep deep into Mother Earth.  Feel connected and let any uncomfortable energies flow deep into Mother Earth.  She knows what to do with this energy.

When you are feeling the excited, joyful, motivating energy waves, tap into those waves and be productive.

Use them to your advantage to get things done.  When you are feeling less than motivated, push through it and tap into the energy wave of motivation that you have felt previously.  It will work.

We all have access to all the energies everywhere.  We can consciously tap into them.  We can also subconsciously be affected by them if we are not grounded and aware.

Need help?  My newly launched coaching program will aid in navigation of these energies and give you insight into yourself.  At times we can all use a little divine guidance and assistance.  That is what I do.

Psychic Cowgirl Coaching Program

We are all becoming more sensitive. Understanding yourself and having tools to navigate your world is extremely beneficial and will create peace out of chaos.

This is all part of our human journey on this planet at this time.



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