Daily Oracle Card ~ Chiron.
January 21, 2022
In Greek Mythology, Chiron was a master musician, a wise philosopher, a powerful oracle, and invented the healing arts. the Centaur is the archetype of the “wounded healer”.
He reminds us to guard against the temptation to “fix others” while ignoring one’s own unresolved challenges and traumas. His journey also suggests that accidents and illnesses are less signs of weakness or punishment from the Universe than opportunities for expansion and innovation.
When we recognize and nourish the gifts behind the wounds, and reveal ourselves to be strong, capable, and whole then we can’t help but be transformed in the process.
The natural synergy of instinct, intuition, and reason gives rise to true brilliance. A deeper integration of body, mind, and spirit sometimes emerges through an illness or accident.
Healing requires accessing the wisdom behind the wound. 💜 The Way of The Horse Oracles