Into Me I See

Daily Oracle Card ~ INTO ME I SEE
January 25, 2022 
Key concepts: intimacy, trust in another, dropping shields and rigid boundaries to allow
connection, the willingness to be vulnerable
At certain precious moments, you’re called into a deep and meaningful connection with the world or another person. A magical affinity arises, with the kind of intimacy that in turn encourages a greater understanding of yourself. The relationship acts as a mirror, helping you see your own patterns. What it reflects about you can further your own personal evolution.
Now is the time to take a risk by connecting with another. Can you see how far you’ve come? Can you see what is still active within you that needs to change or heal? You will discover more about who you are as you discover more about another. Even if you cannot possibly know what it’s truly like to be in someone else’s shoes, you can listen and learn. This is a magical gift being offered to you right now.
This concept applies beyond romantic connection. 
What do the dynamics in your closest friendships, work relationships, and family say about you? Relationships are extraordinary opportunities for healing. When predicated on honesty and caring, they have a great impact on how you contribute to the world.
Intimate relationships hold up a mirror of truth and reveal more treasures than you might ever expect. If you can look into it, take a risk and see everything as beautiful, even in its imperfections, imagine how deep you could go. 💜 Oracles of the 7 Energies