A Merry Motive

Daily Oracle Card ~ A Merry Motive
The Oracle’s Message: You’ve chosen a path, you’ve set an intention, and you’ve begun to move toward a goal. You feel compelled to keep going, but do you know the “why” behind this drive? Do you truly want what you’re pursuing, or are you chasing a destination with the anticipation of how it will make others feel about you (or you feel about yourself)?
You must choose to be in the flow of the experience, relishing the moment. Surrender your expectations to a Higher Power rather than being guided by your limited self. The most important aspect to consider now is where you place your focus, because that’s where energy will flow. If you are resentful, the outer world will show you more opportunities to be resentful.
If you are envious of others, competitive, and overly ambitious, you will always feel as if you are not enough. If you focus on gratitude and compassion for others, you will see even more reasons to be grateful and loving. When you look for abundance, it has an uncanny way of multiplying in your life.
So if you’re unsure about your motives, the results will be just as unclear. Dig deep to understand your “why.” If your true desire is to experience X, let go of your attachment to the form that X is supposed to come in. Make sure your motive is merry and joyful, clear and honest, and aim true.
Trust that the universe will provide the outcome that is a perfect match for your intention . . . It always does. 💚
Oracles of the 7 Energies