The High Priestess

Daily Oracle Card ~ The High Priestess
Intuition, prescient sight, higher knowledge, receptivity, the ability to work with subtle energies of Spirit and the psychic power of the feminine are the aspects of the High Priestess of Avalon. When the High Priestess appears before you, she asks you to trust your intuition and to throw the net of your awareness out into the world around you, pulling in truths that may defy your intellect, rational mind, or what others wish to falsely or superficially portray.
Go beyond the ordinary, past the chaos of modern life, and trust your inner vision to guide you on your path. Pay attention to your dreams, and keep track of your intuitive hunches, for when the High Priestess appears, she asks you to look for the thread of truth in these places. Be discerning in all that you do at this time, for the High Priestess reminds you that not all is as it seems to be. However, don’t take this world personally—rise above it and ask for a true vision to see the path ahead. You will be given this vision. All you need to do is ask the God/Goddess and be open to receiving it.
The High Priestess reminds you of the feminine principle of receptivity, gathering power by receiving information and waiting for others to act first. Allow the world to show you its intentions. The Goddess blesses and protects you when the High Priestess of Avalon appears on your path. 💙 Wisdom of Avalon Oracles