Connecting to Joy

With all the challenges of the last few years, I felt I had lost my connection to Joy.   I used to feel sparkly and joyful and be able to share that energy.  Happy, Happy Joy, Joy was my mantra. 

Lately, it has felt more like a string of pasture words I use when chasing uncooperative cows and bulls.  I felt depleted and energetically as well as physically exhausted. 

I felt depleted and disconnected.  I was searching for something to reconnect me with Joy.  I was also not alone; I heard from friends, clients, and family that they also wanted more joy in their everyday lives. 

I was on a mission and am happy to report I completed that mission.  I have combined some tools to reconnect us to joy.  Laughing Cowgirl Shindig.  Combining laughter yoga, meditation and EFT I have been delightedly reconnected to joy.   These techniques enable us to shift from stress to calm in minutes.  Happy, Happy, Joy Joy is back in my life!    

If you wish to reconnect to happiness and want to learn more, let’s talk.

I am offering one-on-one support as well as group gatherings.

 Gather your girlfriends, and let’s have some fun as we transform our energy and become more intuitive as we do it.