Daily Oracle Card ~ Risk
This marker brings excitement to your path. You cannot know the outcome of the action you’re being called to take until you do it. In this way, you’re required to be blind in the forest for a time, risking all you know and all you’ve acquired on your journey for the potential of something better.
Perhaps the training you require demands faith in what you cannot experience with your five senses. But reliance on the sixth sense—your intuition—can provide you with another type of sight to aid you in your journey.
Very important questions can be answered now: “Is engaging in the situation worth the risk, or does my inner sight tell me to wait until another opportunity comes?” “Am I willing to learn a lesson of defeat in surrender to the promise of unknown potential?”
Pray for guidance and ask for a sign. If the answer is yes, take the Risk. If no, rest, regroup, and wait on the will of the Divine Mystery. 🤎 
Wisdom Of Avalon