Field of Dreams

Daily Oracle Cards ~ Field of Dreams.
No matter how disconnected you feel from the needs of your own soul, this image reminds you that the restless spirit inside, the one that sometimes feels dominated and spurred on by the demands of society and survival, that dark horse racing through your dreams, is not so much running away from responsibility as galloping toward the fulfillment of your deepest heart’s desire.
The temptation to rein in this horse- and all he represents- is premature. Turn him loose, let him play, and watch him express himself on his own terms. He’ll lead you to a more soulful relationship with power, intuition, instinct, and creativity.
Self-care is the key. Many educational, societal, and parental dictates are designed to turn people into workhorses. Resist the urge to run yourself into the ground. Taking time to rest, eat well, and enjoy life nourishes creativity, allowing you to move from a surviving to a thriving orientation.
Whenever you feel the inspiration of secret horses racing through your dreams, follow them and feel them stretching their legs as they rear buck and gallop through the fields of pure potential. The time to harness this power will come later. A horse whose spirit is nurtured, not broken, becomes the pioneer’s greatest asset.
You are invited to dream wildly, without judgment, letting your deepest desires take on a life of their own. Creative discernment comes later. Your imagination must grow strong before it can sustain the weight of practicality. 💜 Way of the Horse Oracles