Daily Oracle Card ~ Solitude
Sacred Island
Islands are bodies of land surrounded by water; they can be in an atoll or a river basin. However, the ocean surrounds most islands. They can be massive, with their own unique, verdant ecosystems, or they can be small and barren. The terrain can be flat or mountainous. They can be a detachment from the mainland through erosion, or they can arise from the sea through volcanic activity.
The thing that is universal in all islands is their isolation, and many cultures assign mystical symbolic meaning to particular islands. They are thought to be the resting places of gods and thus are used for sacred purposes.
The Sacred Landscape Wants You to Know:
Spend some time alone. In your life, this means to take your own counsel, rather than relying on the opinions and dictates of others.
Break away from the crowd. Be on your own.
This card also speaks of self-resourcefulness, self-reliance, and tenacious individuality. If you are working on a project, trust your instincts and follow your own lead.
Your creativity is at its peak. Let it flow. If you are in a relationship that is disempowering, this card suggests that it is time to step away. Take time to reassess your life. In solitude you will thrive. This card also suggests safe haven, a sacred womb for incubation, and self-transformation. 💛 Sacred Destiny