Magical Map Shifter

Daily Oracle Card ~ Magical Map Shifter
“Spirit orchestrates everyone’s destiny.”
Reversed the Magical Map Shifter card may bring you the opposite of what you seek. Perhaps you’re in denial about your situation and refuse to see the truth. Or maybe you’ve been traveling down a path that has constantly led you to a field of poppies, where you fall asleep and dream of desires that never find their form. To have the life you really want, you must match its vibrational energy and resonate with it.
Sometimes our greatest hurts and disappointments are what awaken us to our need to shift to a higher frequency.
If your heart aches because someone is breaking it, this discomfort will lead you to a more authentic life. Don’t linger in the pain, or blame the Magical Map Shifter for alerting you to the illusion you clung to.
Know that treasure lies elsewhere and can be recovered once you’ve healed the wound that is reflected in those who come to you as catalysts for growth.
As you experience yourself transforming into the highest version of yourself, you’ll come to understand that you’re always fortunate when you meet up with a Magical Map Shifter. 💚 
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