Lightning Horse

Daily Oracle Card ~ Lightning Horse
Inspiration surges like an electric current through your body, flashing hints of clarity to come. When the imagination stirs, new ideas burst into consciousness, carrying tremendous energy. Yet these brief glimpses of potential can be hard to hang onto, taking significant effort and dedication to manifest.
Flashes of inspiration are a lot like wild horses. You must travel through untamed territory to find them. And whether you seek them out or come upon them unexpectedly, that first sighting takes your breath away. An overemphasis on logic, language, will, and focus has actually been shown to decrease creativity and awareness.
 Sensations and feelings are constantly pouring into our bodies and bubbling up to the surface of our minds, yet few of these nuances make it through the powerfully discerning frontal cortex of the human brain.
When we form a thought and narrow the focus of that thought enough to fit into spoken or written language, we are abstracting from a much richer field of information. As we pass these simplified snapshots of reality onto other people, they eventually solidify into a cultural perspective that literally shapes the way we perceive the world.
When we look at a tree, for example, we’re filtering a stream of sense data through a stereotypical pattern, the pattern to which we’ve grown accustomed through parental and cultural reinforcement. As a result, there is a lot of information that never comes to our attention. We have reached the point where emotions and memories are primarily set in motion by thoughts and words.
Creative geniuses spend a lot of time “doing nothing” alternating periods of intense concentration on a project with periods of “creative indolence” which leads to innovation. 💙 Way of the Horse Oracles