Star Bathing

Daily Oracle Cards ~ STAR BATHING
February 21, 2022
Light body. Crystal grid. Transmission. Activation.
The stars are constantly showering emanations onto the crystalline grid of the Earth. 
When things are in balance the planet also sends information back up to the stars.
Many Starseeds have come to Earth at this time to help shift the planet vibrationally.
 To activate the ancient codes of wisdom that humanity has forgotten.
 And all of that information is stored in the crystalline grid.
If you pull this card you may be being called to begin working with the stars and the crystalline grid of the Earth. Some people believe that the crystalline grid of the Earth anchors divine cosmic frequencies onto the planet. You may be guided to journey to particular places on Earth to unlock these cosmic codes with your presence.

You may also be interested in a practice called star bathing; download a star bathing meditation at:

 This card commonly arises because you’re here to connect with the crystalline grid of the Earth, either in your hometown or by travelling to other places without quite knowing why.
It also can mean that your light body (the energy body in its highest form) is being activated. If this resonates, take things extra slow in order to integrate this change of vibration. Starseed Oracles