The Oracles Gift

Daily Oracle Card ~ THE ORACLE’S GIFT
February 22, 2022 
Key concepts: second sight, clairvoyance, seeing the future, fate as a future determined by the choices you make now, seeing the signs around you, recognizing potentials versus absolute determinism
When we ask for a sign from the universe, we are essentially asking for Divine guidance that we believe needs to come from a Source outside of us. 
This is because we don’t always trust our intuition, our ability to read between the lines and see beyond time and space. And so we ask for signs and look for a mystical reassurance that our mundane lives don’t seem to offer. 
However, an oracle simply provides an answer that is already inside us.
Oracles show up in myriad ways. 
Some- times you see a billboard or hear a song or pull an oracle card, 
and you get the exact message you need to support your choices or show you the way forward. Regardless of how the sign appears, an oracle is a reminder that you are part of this vast universe.
 You are witnessed by the Great Mystery and loved and cared for. 
It’s a reminder that life is magical. You are magical.
Today, trust in your own capacity to know what is right, to tune in to Source 
and also be able to read the signs reflecting what is true and real within you. 
Let this oracle give you the gift of knowing that you are indeed on the right track.
Repeat the mantra: “The Light within me creates miracles in my life.” The magic is inside you, outside you, all around and within you. 💜 Oracles of the 7 Energies