Empathic Starseed

Energetic sovereignty. Absorbing what’s not yours.
Empathic Starseeds are here to shift the world through their physical presence alone they don’t need to ‘do’ anything beyond being here, thanks to the energetic change their physical presence causes.
Due to their highly sensitive nature, Empathic Starseeds can struggle with being on Earth and in a physical body. Many are prone to addiction and depression or tend to mistake other people’s feelings and moods for their own. Natural introverts, they tend to prefer spending time alone or in small groups. Crowds can be overwhelming for them.
If this card appears, consider lightening the load energetically.
Don’t put yourself under such pressure to go out into the world. Be gentle with yourself. Allow extra time and care to recover energetically. 
If you’re feeling pressured to keep up a certain pace, instead, put on the brakes and treat yourself like a precious baby. Do whatever you can to take the pressures of the world off your plate. Switch off to switch back on.
In today’s world it’s normal to feel that we should be doing more. But perhaps being present in our life is enough.
This could be a phase you’re going through, or simply how you’re being called to live your life. If your work involves giving to others, right now you’re being called to keep something for yourself.
You don’t need to transmute it all. It’s okay to look after your own growth and healing before feeling you should offer it to the world. Indeed, it’s necessary if you want to continue to do so sustainably. 💜 Starseed Oracles