Tender Embrace

Daily Oracle Card ~ TENDER EMBRACE
Key concepts: compassion, warmhearted care for self and others, sensitivity and empathy, benevolence, kindness
Put your hand on your heart and breathe deeply, inhaling a sense of gratitude. . . . Now, how do you feel? Keep tuning in to the world around you—others you know and even those you don’t know. Can you feel compassion for them?
Compassion is an emotion of tenderness and sensitivity. It’s a feeling of benevolence and reverence as you witness the world’s suffering. Now is the time to reduce that pain and focus on compassion in all areas of your life. Today, do something deliberately kind for another. Even looking a stranger in the eye and smiling can make a world of difference.
The questions to ask now are: Where do I need to be kinder and gentler? How can I serve, and in what capacity can I align with the solution to the world’s suffering? Could it be that you need to be more compassionate toward yourself? If you spend all your time in service to others, it’s easy to forget about your own needs. When you accept yourself, you can bring more loving energy to others.
Today, make a commitment to practice self-compassion. Release yourself from the burdens of perfectionism, allow yourself the grace to be human—and then do the same for others. It’s not your job to tell others how to
express themselves, even if you don’t like the way the world behaves. Today, be kind for no reason at all, and watch miracles arise. 💚 Oracles of the 7 Energies