Keeper of the Mysteries

Daily Oracle Card ~ Keeper of the Mysteries.
Demeter meets you in the cave of initiation, holding the promise of peace, prophecy, expanded consciousness, and a deeper, more soulful relationship with nature.
Past Traumas must be faced to reclaim the power that was taken from you.
Long after the mythical world lost believability and importance in our culture, the centaur remained a recognizable figure. The mare-headed goddess, on the other hand, threatened the very notion of man’s superiority. Unsurprisingly, she was virtually outlawed when civilization moved to subdue and exploit the earth and all its creatures, women included.
Rising from the mists of time, this long-neglected archetype urges us to explore the nonverbal, nonpredatory, heightened sensory and extrasensory wisdom that horses embody.
Fully resurrected, she could easily become the patron saint of those highly sensitive people who feel betrayed by our aggressive, mechanized culture.
In fact, the very myth of the mare-headed goddess deals with rape, fury, isolation, forgiveness, purification and sacred birth. Her story offers a template not only for the initiation of trauma survivors but for those of us who feel powerless in the face of civilization’s thoughtless violation of Mother Earth.
Capable of helping others move through the traumas perpetrated by our unbalanced culture, she stands confidently, returning to action, setting the dove and dolphin free to do their work as well. A crack in the earth lets the morning light shine through, and the waters of purification are flowing, ready to nourish new life.
When you reclaim your connection to mysteries that are spoken, when you’re fully initiated, voluntarily or involuntarily, by the ancient ones, you glow with power that people sense but can’t quite explain. Like the mare-headed goddess, you don’t have to say a word; your very Presence becomes a catalyst for meaningful change. 🧡 Way of the Horse Oracles