Reflecting Pool



Daily Oracle Card. January 24, 2022

Reflecting Pool. Stillness


In stillness, your power emerges. Tap into your inner sacred witness, to discover the dwelling place of your soul. In profound peace and silence, you can discover the truth of your being.


If you are in pain, go into the stillness until you find the source. Resist the temptation to indulge in feelings of overwhelm, urgency, and emergency. There is always a higher truth… seek it out. Your soul loves what is real and honest.


In quietude, the truth emerges. Move past the bustle and chatter of life into sweet stillness. Allow the chaos of the outer world to roll off your back the way water rolls off the back of a duck. Surrender to it. Seek solitude to hear the voice of spirit, and serenity will follow.


The Spirit of the Reflecting Pool says: in silence, you’ll find the dwelling place of your soul. Take time to move into quietude, and you’ll uncover a vast store of insight, emerging within you. In on going situations in your life, hold back; Take time to reflect before responding.  Sacred Forest Oracle Cards By Denise Linn