The Twins

Daily Oracle Card ~ The Twins.
As lightning pierces the veil between the worlds, a coal-black horse senses the presence of his spirit brother.
Embracing the mythic dimension in life is like meeting a wiser, more adventurous twin. Your psyche has a supernatural element fond of improvising on timeless themes, and it can help you make sense of seemingly unexpected or challenging events. Mythic messages evolve over time, dressing themselves up in the customs of different eras.
Consciousness, separated from its spiritual roots, interprets daily existence as an empty progression of chance encounters and meaningless suffering. Learning to move fluidly between multiple states of being is difficult for the modern mind, and accepting that the challenges are learning experiences. That is essential to our soul growth in this incarnation.
Plus, there is no feeling like the awareness we receive when we get through those challenges and enrich our soul experience in this incarnation. That feeling of accomplishment, of pushing ourselves to conquer, is a high unlike any other.
In quantum theory, the most basic building blocks of life have a dual nature, appearing as particles with a set location in time and space and as waves, invisible regions of influence that can flow through walls, resonate with physical matter, and yet not be limited by the laws that hold physical beings together.
Some spiritual books talk about our twin flame. The other half of us is not incarnated with us but guides us from another dimension. It is a connection that transcends time and space. 🤎
Way of the Horse Oracles