Daily Oracle Card ~ Home
“You are comfortable in your own skin. You belong.”
If you don’t feel at home, it’s time to do a thorough and fearless inventory. What are you hiding from? Are you afraid of being yourself? Do you feel that you don’t belong where you are? What if you chose another path?
Does your understanding of home perhaps dictate that such a place must be unsafe, unstable, or unfulfilling?
It’s time to love yourself and create a new sense of safety and security within. You might have chosen a situation that is familiar and led you back to the original source of your pain. No matter, because this is an important and powerful invitation to a new you.
Say no to the pain of the past; say no to the voice of your inner critic, no to those who want to dim your light to make themselves brighter. Choose a new home. Take refuge in knowing that beauty and a true sense of belonging lie ahead. 💚 Enchanted Map Oracles