Seeding the light. Laying foundations. Divine plan.
Anna, Grandmother of Jesus, was an ancient mystic who dedicated her life to laying the foundations for Christ consciousness to be woven through all of life. She is not widely known, but without her Christ consciousness would not be rising as it is today.
Anna represents the quiet dedication that is sometimes required to live a life of service. She represents the generations that came before that devoted their lives to dreaming a new world into being while knowing that they would not see the glorious end result. She represents the dutiful soldier, the unconditional mother, and the mystic who can see the thread that is woven through all of life.
Anna teaches us that we all have a part to play in the Divine plan. It doesn’t have to be on the world stage to be significant. One person’s part is not worthier than another. One person’s part may be to mother their children. Another’s may be to gather women in circle each month.
No part is better or worse, more important or less significant. We each have within us a seed of light that we incarnated to share. Anna is gathering us all to remember and surrender to our part of the plan. 💖 Work Your Light Oracles