Daily Oracle Card ~ Kairos.
When you’re sensitive to timing, great strides are made with minimal effort. The best-laid plans can distract you from unexpected opportunities. Yet you cannot force the issue. Sometimes you must wait patiently for an opening–then act without hesitation.
The youngest child of Zeus, Kairos, was sometimes depicted with winged feet alighting precariously on a sphere. Kairos is that brief moment in which all things are possible.
Sometimes called “horse time,” Kairos movements also occur when you let go of human agendas and cultivate responsiveness.
Sometimes you can’t quite muster the courage to act when the first Kairos moment comes your way. And so you must wait for another opening or suffer the consequences. Instead of saying what needs to be said, resentments build, and when it does get said, it is blown into a bigger deal than it needs to be.
Kairos involves noticing when someone is responsive and acting before the moment passes, involving equal parts of self-control, discernment, grace and abandon.
Emerging from a rainbow-coloured mist, a powerful horse approaches. Can you grab hold of his mane and leap onto his back before he moves beyond reach? It happens in a split second. 💛
Way of the Horse Oracles