Daily Oracle Card ~ Protection.
This marker reminds you to protect yourself and to be wary of hidden agendas.
Are you being too open? Perhaps you don’t realize it, but you may find that you’re a target for others, especially if you’re shining brightly.
Yet this isn’t a time to dim your light; rather, remember that a spiritual warrior or priestess would always learn how to camouflage him- or herself and be armed against potential attack.
This is about the right use of power rather than the use of force—the former coming from a place of highly calibrated integrity, the latter from a lower base of destructive energy.
Remember to walk the higher ground but wear a cloak for protection.
Ask your guides and angels to protect you, for they will always come if they’re asked. And be moderate in all you do—this isn’t the place to take risks. 💙
Wisdom of Avalon Oracles