What is my Life Purpose?

One of the questions that come up in sessions is “What is my life purpose?”

A valid question, and one that a variety of workshops, and books attempt to help you answer. Here is why they seem to fall short for you. Looking for a life purpose has the energy of a career or job that you are to be doing that will fulfill and excite you and make everything better. “If i could just find my life purpose, then everything will fall into place.”

Well here is my pondering on that. Your life purpose is to be you. The end. That is it. Sure, sounds easy, but is it really? Being you and accepting all the things you love/like about yourself, and all the things that you do not. Love them anyway. Finding a purpose for your life involves you being in total alignment with you. Being confident and comfortable in your own skin. When you are aligned with you, it does not matter what anyone else does or says you know exactly who you are and what works for you at all times. We give our-self tools for this. When you get that uneasy feeling in your tummy, or you feel something is off~it is!!! Instead of trying to make excuses and tell ourselves we are overreacting, it is time to say ok – something is off about this in my energy i am going to honour that and myself.

We have become a society where it is easier to follow the crowd, or do what others expect of us, at the same time we celebrate those who do not do this. (Lady Gaga, Einstein~ yes i did put those two in the same category.) We love those quirky, outspoken people, yet we have a fear of doing it ourselves. We are quick to judge ourselves and others if they are not following the mold or norm, while celebrating those that have a level of fame for not following the mold. A whole lot of confusion and contrast.

Aligning you with you is great. It does not mean that life is serene and peaceful and you float through oblivious and happy. That would probably involve mind altering substances and that is never a good idea. Aligning you with you does mean that you gain a level of confidence, and you are able to handle life contrasts and work through them a whole lot easier. You are able to recognize what truly triggers you and work through why, and then release that energy and move forward. There is a sense of inner peace that comes from knowing that you can handle anything and that everything that happens has a purpose behind it. No one is doing anything to you they do not have that power. You do.

So, finding a life purpose comes from a perspective of how you wish to feel in your life. What feels good to you? Does helping others feel better about themselves appeal to you? Does working with numbers and the satisfaction of having everything balance appeal to you? Does connecting others with the magic of their own inner wisdom appeal to you? (that is mine) start from the inside rather than the outside. What feels good? Does hanging out with your kids and keeping your spaces organized and tidy feel good to you? What do you do that gives you huge satisfaction and a smile when you accomplish it? Work from that feeling and find a career or job or lifestyle that appeals to you. It is way less about $$$ than it is about quality of life and a lifestyle that makes you and your soul happy.

The challenges will never go away, you are here to embrace them, and you soul creates them for you. You would be bored silly without them. Thank your soul for the learning experiences, being incarnated on this planet at this time automatically means that you are brave and warrior-like. This planet is not for the weak. Embrace your power and realize how amazing you are, your soul thinks so and so do I.