Ringing in Ears

Dear Psychic Cowgirl

I have ringing in my ears often, what does this mean?

I am very happy you asked, I get this question a lot.

Ringing in your ears can be a download of information. The information is at a high frequency and is like a zip file that unzips and expands once it is in our subconscious mind, ready to access when needed.

Have you ever answered a question for someone and wondered quietly inside your head……where did that information come from?

Wow, I am super smart today!

That amazingness came from a previous information download.

How about when you simply KNOW how to do something, solve something, or create something?

Information downloads.

How wonderful is that?

The ringing in your ears information download is considered a Clairaudient talent.  

One of the key ways you receive intuitive information.  

Our Universe is truly magical.

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