Are you an Empath?

Being an Empath means that you pick up on the energies of other people. the challenge is that you may not realize it. Awareness of yourself helps you to navigate life as an Empath.

I am a strong Empath, I easily pick up the energies of others. Before I completely understood how the empath energies worked there was some chaos involved.

When I had a client coming who was upset and struggling. I would feel the same and often thought. Yikes! I am not good today, how can I help someone when this is my energy. Then it would click. Oh….. this is not mine.

7 Signs you are an Empath.

1. You dread being in crowds. It is overwhelming and uncomfortable. There are too many energies happening all at once.

I love Sage spray. I spray my shoes and I can handle crowds for a period of time. I also wear a bracelet of crystals and protection beads to block any negative energy and for protecting my energy.

2. Others often spill their problems to you. You are an excellent listener.  You want to help everyone. 

The challenge here is to make sure people are not dumping their problems on you with the expectation that you will take them. The other person skips merrily away and you are left with all the heavy energy. Be sympathetic and understanding but have compassionate boundaries. They are to solve their own problems. This takes practice. 

3. You love animals and nature. Being outside sooths your empathic soul.

Being around animals and nature is crucial to your self care. Where is your happy place?

I have yet to meet an empath who has a special place that is not outside somewhere when we are doing Therapeutic Imagery using Guided Meditations.

4. You can feel the days of the week. When someone asks you what day it is, or when you wake up in the morning you intuitively feel out which day it is.  Cool, Right? 

5. You have to have some solitude time. Do you hibernate? Curling up with a good book or a favourite movie is self care for an empath. Your energy needs that chill time to reset and let you handle life.  Sea Salt baths are also excellent to clear and reset your energy. 

6.  You are happily going about your day and suddenly you are cranky.  You flip through your mind  and can always find a reason why.  Yet, it is actually may not be your energy.  You do not have to be in the same room or even vicinity of someone you are close to,  to pick up their energy. 

Take a big breath, let it out and say in your mind:  Is this mine?  Zip your chakras.  Start at your pelvis and zip up as if you are zipping a jacket up over your head.  Then ground your energy.  Visualizing or imagining roots growing out of the bottom of your feet deep into mother earth. Step outside if you can. Dance. Anything to shake up your energy to shake off someone else’s.

7. You instantly know what kind of day your partner or children have had as soon as you see them.   You just “know”.   You also just “know” how to help them if their day has been less than marvellous or how to share in their happiness if their day has been great.  

Being an empath is a gift once you understand how the energy works for you.  Staying grounded, practicing self care, and having awareness of your personal energy are crucial for empaths.  It is about knowing how to give yourself an energy reset when you have had your fill of feeling everything all day long.