Energy Overload

There is so much collective energy swirling around affecting us in ways that we do not always comprehend.  We seem to all be scrambling to understand, and it is creating some interesting reactions.  People are trying to retain control over their life. Without self awareness of how the energy is affecting them personally,  crankiness ensues.

Lashing out or being passive aggressive in situations as a way to vent out frustrations is not a good idea. It is creating hurt feelings, misunderstandings and is causing rifts in relationships.  Once words are spoken, you cannot take them back.  A good apology goes a long way at this time, if you are sincere. 

This is a time to look beyond our own ego and need for control to practice compassion and empathy.

That is what this energy is about.  Before you speak, ask yourself what is the result I am wanting with this conversation.  Be honest.  If you want the other person to understand your point of view because it is RIGHT, and how dare they say different, well ….. Good Luck.  You are going to create a fight and spend a lot of time in a conversation that goes around in circles. If you are looking for clarity to solve a problem be sure your approach is not aggressive or demanding.

 If it starts to get messy immediately stop, rather than get defensive.  Take a deep breath and disengage.

 Ask yourself if this situation is worth your time and energy.  The answer may be no, or it may be yes with a completely different approach.

It is time to be less reactive and more willing to understand another person’s perspective.

5 Tips to Handle this Energy

  1. Take the time to  recharge your own energy so you are less reactive to others.
  2. Be clear on your motivations to understand  why you feel or think the way that you do.
  3. Disengage.  Walk away from someone if you feel that you are having the same conversation over and over with the same results.Or if you feel that the drama is simply taking too much energy. 
  4. Be grateful that you have choices.  You can say no, thank you.  I do not want to be a part of that.
  5. Be thankful for the learning opportunity.  Sticky situations give us huge insights about ourselves if we choose to explore them.


Shannon Laackmann B.Msc  C. Ht


I am doing a Mystical Magic Path Series on the Radio Show.   There are 14 Guided Imagery meditations.  Each builds upon the last one.

The way of the mystical magic imagery is a connection to mysterious unseen forces that support the effort, build hidden harmony, with unexplainable, and unexpected good happens.  These guided imagery meditations unlocks doors so you can walk forward on your path to achieve those long sought goals.

This process works in the metaphysical zone.

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