Full Moon Energy

I am wishing for a lot of naps right now with this full moon energy. Lots of swirling cleansing Root Chakra energies which explains the desire for a nap. Money, Career, Home, Needs and Possessions are all related to the Root Chakra. Our Root Chakra is concerned with issues of physical safety and security.

When your Root Chakra is balanced you feel grounded, stable, and secure. You will feel present in the here and now and connected to your physical body.

When your Root Chakra is not balanced and grounded you may feel like you have a floaty head, anxious, insecure, your sense of stability and support is threatened. This can lead to the energies of “what about me” attitude, greediness or insensitivity to others.

We are all getting our Root Chakra cleansed and balanced with this energy.

Some tips to help you balance this chakra while we ride out this full moon energy: walking barefoot to connect to Mother Earth.   Eating root vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, onions, garlic ( not just for vampires. bwahahahahaha) Wear the colour red.  Cleaning your home and decluttering will also help balance this chakra.

Crystals to balance the root chakra are red jasper, hematite, agate, ruby, and garnet.

Protein rich foods also help with grounding your root chakra, such as eggs, beef, and peanut butter.

Why do we want a balanced and grounded Root Chakra?   Intuition from your root chakra comes in the form of energies sent out to gather information. When you walk into a room or join a group you automatically scan using your root chakra energy to find a place where you feel safe and secure and with with people you feel a connection with. If you are unbalanced you will receive distorted information.

Due to the nature of this moon being related to the root chakra which relates to money…… it is time to do the manifest for money in your wallet exercise. One of my favourites.

Stand outside in the full moon with your wallet open and repeat nine times: fill it up. I do this for my business sometimes, and other times personal. (never both at the same moon)


For Business:   I take out the bag I put the money in.  You could take out your cash box and give it a try.

I will give you a warning.   My husband did this and he worked a LOT.  I barely saw him for a month.  You do not get to choose how the money shows up, so be aware of that.

Happy Manifesting.