Ignoring Intuitive Messages


  I was headed out to do my morning chores of checking the cows, horses and turning on a hose to fill up a water trough. With it being so dry, we set up an additional water source for the cattle to keep everyone hydrated and healthy. 

My spidey senses indicated that perhaps it would be a good idea for me to change out of my outfit

I was feeling somewhat out of sorts, and changing felt like way too much effort. I had been having nightmares during Dreamtime, and my sleep was not restful. I may or may not have had an attitude: I do this every morning; it is fine! You know the outfit, T-shirt or tank top worn but oh so comfy, shorts and rubber boots. It is the most comfortable, but you really do not want anyone outside of your family members who live with you to ever see it. 

And of course shorts and rubber boots because there is a LOT of fertilizer in the corrals and pasture. 

Squishy, green, smelly fertilizer.

I stomped out to the corral. Did I mention I had the crankies…

I turned on the hose to fill the trough and immediately soaked myself before I managed to wrangle it into position. Good Times! Then as I was stomping away to check the horses, my dog ran woofing in his I will protect you, woof, and Son of a b*&@#, there was a dude knocking on the door to my house. I was really hoping he couldn’t see me, I was quite a ways away in the corrals, but my soaked top was bright pink.

I thought a lot of pasture words, but I did not say them out loud because I did not want to be heard.

So what is a cowgirl to do?

Duck into a cowshed, of course, and hope that the dog and no one answering the door encourages the man to leave. Talking to him would have been so awkward for both of us.

 Thankfully the bulls and a highland cow were near me, stomping around and making noise, so I was sure my hiding spot was safe. Have I mentioned how much I love my cows! 

 After some pretty long minutes, I heard the truck drive away. Whew!

I immediately ran to the house and changed in case he came back.

If a female stopped in, I could have had a good laugh and explained what happened. But a male, that is a big nopity nope nope. All you ladies know exactly what I mean and why.

I did an extensive energy clearing on myself, releasing stuck negative energy, nightmares, and a surprising one that came up: Release stuck unconscious little hurts.

I felt so much better and laughed about my adventure, and I will not ignore my intuitive messages when they tell me to change.

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  Hugs! Shannon

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