Group Dynamics

Dear Psychic Cowgirl

I am a project manager leading a group of  people at work.  We are working on a big yearly project and it is going well on the surface. We are making progress and the project completion is in sight.

The problem I have encountered is the clashes and disputes within my group.  One of the people in the group is close with a person who opted out of being part of the project and there is a lot of whispers,  negative talk and perhaps sabotage  happening.

While we are doing great and meeting deadlines I am finding it draining dealing with the negativity.  Some days are better than others. Any advice?  This is my first time in charge of this project and I do not want to fail.

Team Leader in New York


Dear Team Leader in New York.

I completely understand your situation.  While on a much smaller scale.   I am leading a project and there is rumours that I cannot pull it off.  To that I say: Game On.

Unfortunately people can let their insecurities and petty jealousy get in the way of the goals in a group setting.

Groups are either highly effective or a disaster because of group dynamics.  In your situation being clear on the purpose, knowing the strengths of each individual member of your team, and standing deep in your integrity will get you through.   Clear and  direct, no room for misinterpretation, communication is a good tool to get keep your people on task and knowing what you expect.

Having someone you can talk to to vent out your frustrations who is not a part of your project is invaluable.  Whether they can give you advice on how to handle the situations is secondary to you being able to voice your concerns in order to resolve them or simply let them go.

Encourage those that are working well in the team, those that are not, gently hold them accountable.   Confrontation feeds insecure energy.  Instead give them guidance on how you want the tasks accomplished and reward team playing and results.

If they are still being bratty and making it difficult to get things done understand that they love to cause chaos because they are threatened and lack confidence.  Do what you can, but you are not their parent or counselor and do not let their shenanigans get in the way of accomplishing your goals.

If they are not willing to be a positive part of the group then limit their involvement.

Because you are sensitive to energies you can feel when people are not being  honest or have agendas.  Remember it is their insecurities and it is not your job to boost them up.  Coach them, encourage them, but  do not let that part consume you.  People can be needy, energy vampires and the only way they know how to build themselves up is by negative energy.  Do your best to not take it personally, although it does feel very personal.

Remember they cannot sabotage your project unless you let them.

You know what you are doing and focus on the energies that can get the project done and neutralize the rest.   Zip your chakras, find a crystal that can become your token to remind you to keep focused and block any negative energy being sent your way.  I love black tourmaline or smoky quartz for this. In our world there is always people who are jealous of others success and instead of support they look for flaws and relish that energy.

The good news is that they make you stronger and increase your confidence when you get through the challenge of working with them.  

You got this.  You do know who you can trust, and who you cannot trust.  Being able to finish this, and you will, will set you up for bigger, better things to come your way!  Very exciting!

With great challenges do come great rewards. 



The Psychic Cowgirl

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