Daily Oracle Card ~ BOUNDARIES
Where do you need to establish better boundaries?
You are being called to create clearer boundaries in your life. This could be with your friends, family, or work. Saying YES when you really mean NO leads to resentment, which is the biggest energy drain ever.
At first it might only be a little bit and not feel like a big deal, but before you know it, your energy field becomes porous and you are left feeling depleted, resentful, or taken advantage of.
Saying NO and having clear boundaries is actually a spiritual act. The most giving, loving, compassionate people are those with the clearest boundaries. For when they say YES, they are able to give unconditionally.
When your boundaries are clear, others know where they stand and you are able to give freely. If you are not clear where your boundaries lie, this causes confusion, resentment, and energetic cords to be planted.
If you are saying YES when you really mean NO, you are likely needing something yourself. Ask yourself, what part of me NEEDS something from them? It could be a need for approval, a fear of being seen a certain way or a fear of loss.
The best way to gauge your boundaries is to check in with your belly. Your belly is the second brain. It has an intelligence known as your ‘gut feelings.’ Tune in to this space when deciding what is OK for you. How does it feel? What is it trying to communicate with you? 💚
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