Deep Breath

Daily Oracle Card ~ A DEEP BREATH
Key concepts: a genuine expectation of danger, projection of a threat without substance, fight-or-flight mode, inability to focus, trusting in the universe as a way to release fear
Fear is asking for your attention—and healing—right now. You (or another) are operating from the position of fear. If you also see red flags, you might be headed toward genuine danger, perhaps repeating a lesson you don’t need to learn again. You can honor this kind of fear by saying “thank you” and protect yourself by choosing another path. 
In this moment, you have all it takes to make this shift.
If, on the other hand, the fear surrounds the idea of taking a risk, be mindful. Radical trust and accepting the discomfort of the new is called for as you move out of your comfort zone. Ask for courage to take a leap into the unknown, and know that all will be well. (But know that “all will be well” doesn’t mean all you have come to expect.)
Stories from the past may be molding your expectations right now and causing fear based on anticipated hurt. 
Don’t isolate yourself or fall for the false idea that life is too painful and engaging with it should be avoided.
How about loving that side of you that is afraid, acting out, and causing all this unnecessary commotion? You will never be happy if this small part of you controls your life, as it will if you allow it. However, remember to be gentle with yourself and others. Once you let go and relax into your life, everything looks brighter and friendlier.
Today, choose love over fear. You’ll be amazed when you do. 💚 Oracles of the 7 Energies