Daily Oracle Card ~ CERRIDWYN. Potential
Empowerment Message:
You are a child of infinite potential, and the Celtic goddess Cerridwyn is here to remind you of the power that resides in the womb of your heart and the chalice of your mind. Everything you need is coming together right now, as if your life’s reflection were shining brightly in a golden liquid in Cerridwyn’s magical, transformative cauldron.
Imagine greatness and there will be greatness; envision peace and there will be peace. Choose love, choose gratitude, and choose faith in the Divine magic that flows through you. These are the only ingredients needed for the goddess Cerridwyn to work her transformation magic on your behalf. Regardless of the limitations imposed on your world by fate, culture, and conditioning, your true destiny is coalescing on your behalf.
You can be anything you imagine. Remember this: dream and trust that everything you need exists to make that dream a reality. This is the promise of the goddess Cerridwyn. 💚 Goddess Power