In Perfect Harmony

Daily Oracle Card ~ IN PERFECT HARMONY
You’re entering a time of healthy, harmonious partnerships. Collaboration is key here as you’re invited to
explore the potential inherent in making a commitment to another person, a group, or even yourself.
Know that you’re bringing different gifts to the table; you don’t have to be in exact lockstep with everyone else. Being your authentic self actually brings you into alignment with others. You are a note in a harmony that neither overpowers nor is overpowered by any other.
 Your beautiful interdependence allows you all to shine.
Just keep an eye out for a sign that your subconscious, which has been conditioned by your previous hurts and experiences, is working in a way not in accord with what your healthy self intends. For example, you may desire a relationship but expect to be betrayed, so you unconsciously sabotage it.
You say you want to lose weight but continue to eat compulsively and avoid exercise. In these moments, you are not attuned with yourself, and this disharmony spills out into all other parts of your life. 
If this is happening, you might want to take a hard look at yourself, do a self-inventory, forgive yourself, and then start singing a new song of self-love and acceptance.
What’s really great about this is how quickly you are now able to turn this around. Have no fear: it is so easy to get back in tune. All it takes is self-honesty and a willingness to heal. You can do it! This really is such a fortunate time. 💜 Oracles of the 7 Energies