Star Ancestors

Daily Oracle Card ~ STAR ANCESTORS
Hidden secrets. Lost wisdom. Look a little deeper.
The ancients knew much more than we do about our connection with the stars. Their pyramids, temples, and other places of worship, created in precise alignment with the stars, exist in all corners of he world.
What if this ancient wisdom is available for you to uncover now? You’re being called to think and listen with your ancient heart and soul.
To tap into the part of you that remembers and knows. All ancient secrets are whispered forever in your ears. All mystic knowing blooms in your heart. All potent power pumps through your veins.
You’re being invited to step into your ancient knowingness. To be held by the rememberings of the star ancestors. To look a little deeper. If you’re feeling stuck, you’re being called to do something different to change your point of view.
Creativity happens when we put together two things that don’t belong. When we do the unexpected. So often a creative solution is right in front of us, but because we think the same thoughts and act the same way, we miss what’s in the open.
You’re here to remember and uncover ancient secrets and transmissions. Technology and wisdom that are so needed on the planet right now. To unlock your soul’s memories of a time when we lived in harmony on Earth, and one day will again. 💖 Starseed Oracles